Track 1 River Out of Eden


Recording and Mixing Dates: Recorded 2006. Mixed January 5, 2016


Genesis: I wrote this song in late November 1998. As best as I can recall, I pinched the title from a book by the scientist, Richard Dawkins, which was published in 1996. I didn’t read the book, which is subtitled “A Darwinian View of Life.” From the late 1960s to 2010 I recorded titles, phrases, and lyric ideas in notebooks that I kept on my bedside table. One day in 1998 I saw “River out of Eden” in the notebook and got to work. I have gone back to this compendium for inspiration again and again. The phrase “kingfisher blue” in verse 2 came from one of the lists, pinched from a book of Japanese poetry I read in the late 70s.

The lyric and the moody music were likely inspired by my affection for the songs of Gene Clark. Clark, a founding member of The Byrds, went on to write many poetic, moody songs as a solo performer.

I recorded a demo in 2002 using a drummer and a bass player. Soon after I asked David Spires, a great Nashville pedal steel player, to record a track. I love David’s work on this track but over time I replaced the drum and bass tracks. I had a decent mix completed in 2006, which I shared with a few people, but I was not satisfied. I am very happy with this first release of 2016.

Production: Bass, drums, two electric 12-string guitars, a Wurlitzer electric piano, pedal steel guitar, and a synthesizer string pad.


 The river is perfumed

With petals of spring

The fragrance is two-edged

Since I’ve lost everything

And all the dreams I built

Are left in ruins

As I ride this river

Out of Eden

Her hair was the sunset

Her eyes kingfisher-blue

Death has its parting

Life it has them too

I know I can’t look back

Or I’ll go under

As the shadows dance on this river

Out of Eden

The river grows wider

As it cuts to the sea

A white curve of water

Closes in on me

Hope must now become

My silent partner

As I ride this river

Out of Eden

As I ride this river

Out of Eden

Copyright 2016 Fred Grittner all rights reserved

Track 1 River Out of Eden

10 thoughts on “Track 1 River Out of Eden

  1. Linda Sutherland says:

    Wish you well with the project. Love the first track. I enjoy getting the background/inspiration for the song. Thanks for including the lyrics. Are we really related !? Best wishes from your can’t sing a note sister.


  2. JR LaPorte says:

    Nice song, I look forward to hearing more. The instruments are eerily reminiscent of “Wiked Game” by Chris Isack; I like that style.


  3. TR says:

    Nice imagery brother. My only suggestion would be to add some echo to your voice. But then I’m a big fan of voice reverb. Adds some balls and we all need that, right? Right??


  4. Excellent song, Fred. Strong melody and lyrics. You are in good voice. I rarely can stand listeing to pedal steel… but it does work very well here. The one Thing I could have done without is the synthesizer strings.


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