Track 16 You’re Not Here

428817-pierRecording and Mixing Dates: Recorded November 14, 2009 and February 15, 2010. Mixed April 17, 2016.

 Bandcamp Player Link:

Genesis: I wrote the music and a different set of lyrics in 1985. I completely rewrote the lyrics in 1993 and tweaked them in 2002.   I used the phrase “chimes of midnight” as a homage to Orson Welles’ film of the same name.   I think the theme of the song is self-explanatory.

 Production: Bass guitar, electric guitars, organ, drums.



I can hear the chimes at midnight

And the rolling of the tide

I would be with you this evening

But the water is too wide

I fooled myself in thinking

The ache would disappear

Life don’t mean a thing

You’re not here.


I misjudged the situation

Took for granted what we had

You gave me ten last chances

I never learned to add

The love we had in common

Charged the atmosphere

Now I don’t feel a thing

You’re not here


I thought in time.

You’d come back to stay

But in those unforgiven moments

I drove your love away


Now the chimes keep on ringing

And there’s the turning of the tide

The torch I hold grows brighter

For the love that’s now denied

I’ll walk out in the darkness

To the farthest pier

The dawn is slow to come

You’re not here

Copyright 2016 Fred Grittner All Rights Reserved

Track 16 You’re Not Here

3 thoughts on “Track 16 You’re Not Here

  1. I like the melody in the second half of the verses. Good lyrics. If I were your producer, I´d experiment with a little less volume for voice and drums.
    Sorry I only got around to listening to the last two songs now.


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