Track 24 Don’t Wake the Baby

sleeping baby bw

Recording and Mixing Dates: Recorded May 10 and June 16, 2016. Mixed June 16, 2016.


Genesis: I worked with Daniel Foley, a judge on the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Judge Foley was an imposing figure physically and verbally but he also was a great storyteller and the possessor of true Irish wit and wisdom. One day, while we were discussing an administrative issue, I raised another matter that could have lead us to who knows where. Judge Foley stopped me, looked me in the eye, and said, “Don’t wake the baby to hear it cry.” I suppose this is an Irish variation on the proverb “Let sleeping dogs lie” but my songwriter self told me to write that line down. About 15 years later, in January 2006, I finally found a story line that could support the phrase. The music came easily and by January 2008 the song was completed.

 Production: Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano, B3 Organ, Harmonica, Drums.


Don’t Wake the Baby

You’ve got troubles up to your eyebrows

Still you’re searching for more

You’re hearing things that aren’t really out there

You keep checking your door

We can’t control

Most of what’s out there

It’s pointless to try


Stop looking over your shoulder

Don’t Wake the Baby to hear it Cry

Don’t Wake the Baby to hear it Cry


You double-check and second-guess now

Fear’s a four-letter word

What’s and If’s cloud your horizon

Till every bright line is blurred

In the night

When all should be silent

I hear a weary sigh


You’ve been beaten down, you’ve been beaten down

I can see that very well

Give me a little time, just a little time

And maybe time will finally tell


Live in the moment, give what you’ve got now

It’s a world filled with chance

Or stake your claim way back in that corner

Where you can sit out every dance

I want to break

The spell that you’re under

Change that look in your eyes


Copyright 2016 Fred Grittner All Rights Reserved



Track 24 Don’t Wake the Baby

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