Track 32 Looking For The Wrong Things

rack 32


Recording and Mixing Dates: May 16 and December 12, 2015, August 6, 2016. Mixed August 6, 2016.



Genesis: I wrote this song on February 25, 2008, during the last days of my participation in FAWM (February Album Writing Month). I came up with the modal melody built on just two chords and within minutes I wrote the lyrics for the refrain. I revised the lyrics in May and December of 2015.

The person in the song is drawn to things that he knows are wrong but that he cannot abandon. He lives a life filled with lies, alibis, and guilt, doomed to repeat his actions again and again.

 Production: Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Accordion, Cello, and Drums.


Looking for the Wrong Things

Down the beaten path

Heading for a place I know too well

I walk alone

Summoned to appear

A voice inside my head says not to go

I walk on


Looking for the wrong things

Looking for the wrong thing tonight

Looking for the wrong things

Looking for the wrong thing tonight

Forlorn rendezvous

Border angels lift the veil of time

Then let it fall

Counterfeited dreams

Fingerprints left on a shattered glass

A souvenir


Skim coat masquerade

Cracks erupt before the paint can dry

It’s come to this

Semi-precious lies

Living with the ghost of future’s past

That will return


Copyright 2016 Fred Grittner All Rights Reserved

Track 32 Looking For The Wrong Things

6 thoughts on “Track 32 Looking For The Wrong Things

  1. I like the accordion, and the cello and the lyrics. A good song, maybe very good. Have to listen a few more times. The mood fits the lyrics. Could be the piano is just a tad too ‘tinkly’ (for my ears).
    Hope you have a good time at FC!


  2. Dale Jernberg says:

    FAWM? You made me look at my own list to see how productive I’ve been in February. Turn’s out 11% of my own songs were conceived in February, although I never knew it was of any consequence until now. Funny, now that I look at it, my busiest months were Jan and Feb.
    As usual, I love the lyrics and they fit very nicely with the music. The arrangement is also done very well. I like it that you don’t let anything dominate too much.


  3. Dale Jernberg says:

    It’s interesting. There’s some part of the music that I would consider outside the usual boundaries of your songwriting, then other moments when it’s quintessential Grittner. As usual, I love the lyrics – I wish I knew how you do that. The song is arranged quite well again (I’m catching up a bit on the blog and reviewing songs backwards in your list :-))


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