Track 34 Open Secret


heart-bookRecording and Mixing Dates: Recorded August 21 and 25, 2016. Mixed on August 25, 2016.


Genesis: Growing up the 1950s, I was a big fan of the Everly Brothers. Their harmonies were wonderful and their songs were always catchy. As I studied songwriting in the 1970s, I discovered that Felice and Boudleaux Bryant had written most their hits, including Bye Bye Love, All I Have to Do is Dream, Wake Up Little Susie, So Sad, and Love Hurts. They also wrote Raining in My Heart for Buddy Holly.

In 1982, I decided I wanted to write a song that I could hear the Everly Brothers sing. I had been keeping the title “Open Secret” reserved for quite some time in my notebook, waiting for the right opportunity. The lyrics and music were simple, with a bridge that harkened back to those songs by the Bryants. I recorded a fairly primitive demo using just guitar and a tenor banjo tuned like a 5-string banjo. The song was well received by my friends.

Soon after, I had an opportunity to pitch some of my songs to a Twin Cities music publisher that had an office in Nashville. The man who listened to Open Secret had a puzzled look on his face when I finished playing it for him. He liked the music quite a bit but did not know what “open secret” meant. I tried to explain but he dismissed me and suggested I rewrite the song and get rid of this troubling concept. Needless to say, my attempts at breaking into the country music market were unsuccessful.

Several years ago I uploaded my 1982 demo to the Folk Alley website. To my surprise, the song has been listened to thousands of times.

I kept this version simple but added a few more instruments.

 Production: Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, 12-String Acoustic Guitar, and Drums.



No words to say
You must see what’s on my mind
No games to play
You couldn’t be that blind
It’s an Open Secret
Hiding’s hard to do
It’s an Open Secret
I’m in love with you

My heart’s a book
With a page I wrote for you
Just take a look
I underlined it too
It’s an Open Secret
Hiding’s hard to do
It’s an Open Secret
I’m in love with you

You came and you conquered
Now these feelings will not die
I can’t wait till tomorrow
Just look me in the eye

It’s an Open Secret
Hiding’s hard to do
It’s an Open Secret
I’m in love with you

Copyright 2016 Fred Grittner All Rights Reserved




Track 34 Open Secret

4 thoughts on “Track 34 Open Secret

  1. What a very nice song, as I already wrote when I heard it the first time, Folk Alley version, years ago.
    I just checked, 5265 plays today. I have contributed to that count with a few listens.
    I am in two minds about this – you know, very often the first version of a sweet song is the definitive one for the listener. and I really liked and like that very basic first version, in spite of a little hiss and noise there.
    This new one is much more professional, and still I am drawn to the basic version, which, for me, allows the words and the lovely melody more space.
    However, this is a very lovely song that I like a lot.


  2. Dale Jernberg says:

    As usual I’m a week late in hearing what was the recent tune. I admit this comes from a part of the 60’s that I was less familiar with, but then again you can see the same influence the Everly Bros had on other pop music of time. Open Secret is definitely another keeper and I like the simplicity of the arrangement.


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