Track 43 T-Boned


Recording and Mixing Dates: Recorded October 22 & 23, 2016. Mixed October 23, 2016.

Genesis: I wrote this song on March 6, 2008. It is about the unexpected in life. One minute someone is doing fine, the next moment everything changes for that person and those around her.

Production: Bass Guitar, Electric Guitars, B3 Organ, Alto Sax, Drums and Percussion.



The road of life is filled with signs

Stoplights and yellow lines

You have to keep your eyes wide

That’s for sure

You never know, friend

What might occur


Belt yourself tight move through life

Check your mirrors not once but twice

Watch your speed

Do what you can

But there comes a point

When it’s out of your hands



A new transaction with each intersection

Part fate part natural selection

Right of way

Light so green

A split second later

It’s an accident scene

You got T-Boned

Out of the Blue

You got T-Boned

Nothing you could do

You got T-Boned

Didn’t have a clue

You got T-Boned

Believe it’s true

You wake up or you don’t

When you get T-Boned


Around the corner down the block

Take your chances cheat the clock

With no guarantees

Hesitation won’t do

You’ve got to keep moving

And work things through


Copyright 2016 Fred Grittner All Rights Reserved

Track 43 T-Boned

2 thoughts on “Track 43 T-Boned

  1. Most excellent in every way. Great song. Love it. That´s the way it is.
    Only one suggestion – go higher with the melody for the words ‘accident scene’. I sang along, that was even better for my ears.


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