Track 48 Saying Doesn’t Make it So


Recording and Mixing Dates: Recorded November 26 and December 1, 2016. Mixed December 1, 2016.



Genesis: I wrote the music, in a strange guitar tuning, in the summer of 1979. I wrote the lyrics on New Year’s Day, 1980.   I liked the title line as the hook and built out the verses to support it. I gave a shout out to The Band and Tony Joe White in the opening lines. I dreamed of Levon Helm singing the song.

I am guessing that many of the promises given by the President-Elect during his campaign will be abandoned or will be impossible to keep. Some of his supporters may end up singing the chorus a few times….

Production: Bass Guitar, Electric Guitars, Organ, and Drums.


Saying Doesn’t Make it So

Took a load off Fanny

And Polk Salad Annie

I’m tired and I wanna go home

Always ready

Always rock steady

I’m tired and I wanna go home

One of these days

I’m gonna leave it all behind

It’s not a lack of resolve

But only a question of time


Saying doesn’t make it

Saying doesn’t make it

Saying doesn’t make it so

Saying doesn’t make it

Saying doesn’t make it

Saying doesn’t make it so


A rumor just hit me

A second thought bit me

I’ve been in this storm too long

Nonsense impressions

Extracting concessions

The way shape and form are all wrong

Slumbering judgment

Has opened its eyes to see

A crazy old fool

Spouting some dirt about me



I’m no hero

At ground level zero

Love is such a killing thing

Degrees of honor

Man I’m a gonner

Living by dead reckoning

After careful contemplation

I’ve settled on this bottle of wine

It was put or shut up

As she told me for the very last time


Copyright 2016 Fred Grittner All Rights Reserved

Track 48 Saying Doesn’t Make it So

4 thoughts on “Track 48 Saying Doesn’t Make it So

  1. You are a top notch songwriter, Fred. Great lyrics again. Why aren´t you famous? Another very good song. Arrangement is good. So is the vocal. though I still wait for you to sing with more of a growl on songs like this one. The fade-out needs some work, rather rough now.
    Got an email today, my local newspaper plans to interview me about the ‘Sock It To Me!’ album.
    Your name will be mentioned, Fred.


  2. Dale Jernberg says:

    It seems this song comes off good no matter what spin you put on it. Having said that, I still favor the descending lyrics we used to do on the chorus.
    Four more songs to go and this monumental effort will be complete. No clue how you can top what you’ve done in 2016!


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