Track 4 It’s Coming Back to Me

Flame and match

Recording and Mixing Dates: Recorded January 26, 2016. Mixed January 27, 2016


Genesis: This is a tough one to recall. My typed lyric sheet is dated July 2005. I believe I wrote the lyrics very soon after I came up with the music. I started arranging a demo version in September 2005 and played it once in 2006 for some family and friends. Then I filed it away, probably because it is a dark and melancholic song.  I have found it hard to share songs like this one. So no better time than now to send it on its way.

I believe the title came about as I created the melody. Like last week’s song, lyrics sometimes come out of nowhere when you are working on a tune, and often times I can’t let go of them. The themes of heartache and memory permeate popular music. No matter what we try to do to forget episodes in our lives, there is always that moment where something will trigger their return. In this case, I came up a very dark scenario of  a character who is fighting off a deep hurt and who seems to have no faith in the past or the future. That’s right, not every “I” in a song represents the writer.

Though the tune flirts with country music (and my first arrangements reflected that), I wanted just a hint with this recording.

Production: Electric bass, drums, acoustic guitars, banjo-guitar, electric baritone guitar, and accordion.



At a certain point in life I stopped remembering

I swear I can’t recall just why I did.

But something said tonight

Set off a matchstick light

I pinched it out

My latest casualty

It didn’t stop the feeling.

Yes, It’s Coming Back to Me.


I know I took that book and burned the pages.

I stood and watched the ashes blow away.

I locked myself down tight.

With constant oversight

Of any thought

That threatened to run free.

Now the gates are swinging open.

Yes, It’s Coming Back to Me.


If I had one wish that I could grant you

It surely wouldn’t be your memories.

For memories will only take you so far.

Then they’ll leave you there

Staring at the stars


How do you put the genie back in the bottle?

How do you turn the tide back to the sea?

What happened in the past

Becomes a walking cast

And with each step

A stab of agony

I can start to feel the twinges.

Yes, It’s Coming Back to Me.

Copyright 2016 Fred Grittner All Rights Reserved

Track 4 It’s Coming Back to Me

9 thoughts on “Track 4 It’s Coming Back to Me

  1. Dale Jernberg says:

    I like that accordion on a song like this. Still trying to figure out where you got the time to write all of these songs. Oh yeah…. you’re retired! keep up the good work!


  2. This is the one that grabs me least of the new ones, and I have no clue why. Well written, good arrangement. Yes, the accordion fits. Still think you should do more of your dark songs – such good lyrics. and I like a Richard Thompson song (Watching The Dark) so much better than happy songs.
    Will have to listen again when there´s less work on my desk.


      1. Jan Hauenstein says:

        I know, Fred, I read the intro and the lyrics. Just wanted to say once again that I like your darker lyrics.


  3. TR says:

    Well my friend, I have some issues with this tune. First, your lyrics always resonate…you seem to choose words that are rarely used in a song but they always fit. This one is no exception. But a dark song? No, not for me. Second, I DO have problems w/the accordion and banjo. For me, they don’t fit a dark song. It can still be kinda country w/o a banjo. I know, I know…me and my “banjo is good in everything” attitude but not this time. And it’s in a major key. Why choose that instead of a minor? Overall, I was expecting dark and instead, got a kinda happy feeling from the tune, NOT the lyric. And again, need / WANT to hear that voice echo…even just a hint. For me (and it’s only my opinion) this one didn’t work.


    1. Fred Grittner says:

      I would disagree about banjo and accordion. You might have liked them better if I had written the song in a minor key. We will see about echo…. Thanks for listening and the comments. I just posted week 5’s song today. No banjo!


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