Track 37 Done


Recording and Mixing Dates: Recorded September 10 and 14, 2016. Mixed September 14, 2016.


Genesis: I wrote the lyrics on January 9, 2007. I revised them in 2010 and 2016 but they were minor changes. The lyrics appear to be random lines but I was dealing with work and family pressures. After 20 years as a court administrator, I realized I was being marginalized in part because of my long tenure. The music wrote itself.

For this recording I went for a roots rock/grunge sound.

 Production: Bass Guitar, Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Organ, and Drums.



Done with the hollow laughter

Done with the sweet hereafter

Done with cash infusions

Done with these grand illusions

Done clean up this mess

Done clean out your desk

Done I can see the light

When all is said and done


Done cash in your winnings

Done no extra innings

Done with the slow striptease

Done turn in your keys

Done take it off the griddle

Done playing second fiddle

Done I can see the light

When all is said and done


I’ve been there and done that

Why would I do it again?

I wish I knew my beginnings

As well as I knew my ends


Done with these no-good feelings

Done with these old glass ceilings

Done stop heroic measures

Done there’s no buried treasure

Done turn the pages

Done open up the cages

Done I can see the light

When all is said and done

Copyright 2016 Fred Grittner All Rights Reserved

Track 37 Done

4 thoughts on “Track 37 Done

  1. Dale Jernberg says:

    For once I’m the first to listen to one of your offerings. Must be the weird hours I’m keeping now that I’m retired. Anyway, I like the music and arrangement but who would ever have thought of the concept of lyrics based on the same word in every line of each verse? That’s crazy and remarkable at the same time.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, it did. Can´t say I remember a song where that idea has been pursued that thoroughly. The lyrics are good! So is the guitar solo. The arrangement (you know I am always looking for ways to improve on something that is already good) might just be a tad too loud. I may be wrong. Very tired, 10 days to go till we fly to Sicily.


    1. Fred Grittner says:

      Hang in there for 10 days! Sorry you are worn down. Commission: Write a sunny day song in Sicily. Your latest songs are a bit cloudy…

      I agree that the track is too loud. I can remaster it if it ends up on a CD.


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