Track 38 Morning Song


Recording and Mixing Dates: Recorded September 5 and 22, 2016. Mixed September 22, 2016.


Genesis: I wrote the lyrics on July 2, 2009 in one sitting. I couldn’t find the right music until March 27, 2011.

The lyrics were written two years before I retired from my day job. It is a fantasy about how my days would be spent—waking early, sipping coffee, and writing. I think the song is heavily shaped by two of my favorite songwriting craftsmen, Guy Clark and Rodney Crowell.

Theresa laughed when I told her the gist of the song—I never get out of bed in the morning before her. That’s true. I also have to walk the dog and the cats have to be fed. As I said, it is a pleasant fantasy.

The arrangement is based on the Clark/Crowell Texas singer-songwriter sound. A pretty nylon-string guitar, a sweet accordion, and a short swell of pedal steel guitar give the song a mellow, morning treatment.

Production: Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitars, Accordion, Pedal Steel, and Drums.


Morning Song

Sitting on the porch

The sun appears

A rabbit scampers by

The cobwebs clear

A mug of coffee

Pad and pen

Another chance

For me to spend

Time inside a place where I belong

Listening for another morning song


In my younger days

I worked the night

The world made much more sense

In black and white

Into the darkness

I would fly

To seize the words

Out of the sky

I had no doubts judging right from wrong

A bird of night with his evening song


All things settle

And come to rest

Some feel cursed

Some feel blessed

Some free and clear

Some repossessed

The chips always fall where they may


She’s sleeping in our bed

Just down the hall

When she gets up

She’ll scan my messy scrawl

I might just have

Some lines she likes

Some may end up

Called third strikes

In time I’ll have enough to string along

One more child one more morning song

Copyright Fred Grittner 2016 All Rights Reser

Track 38 Morning Song

4 thoughts on “Track 38 Morning Song

    1. Fred Grittner says:

      Thanks for listening. The right channel guitar is prominant as is the guitar in Marty Robbin’s El Paso. Not sure if you know that recording…😀😀😀


  1. This may be my favorite of all the songs you’ve shared, Fred. Maybe it’s because I identify with it so closely. I am rushing headlong toward that giving up of the day job. I like the rhythm of the lyrics. To me, the line “I might just have…” was much more effective than if you had said, “I just might have…” That’s a very small thing, but that is what makes your music so interesting.


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