Track 39 Marita, Marita


Recording and Mixing Dates: Recorded September 28 and 29, 2016. Mixed September 29, 2016.



Genesis: I wrote this song during the Carter Administration—1977. This is a wistful song in waltz time that displays the singer-songwriter environment of that decade. I can hear traces of Dylan, Neil Young, and even David Blue. I never recorded the song until this week but I recall rehearsing it with a harmonica in a harmonica rack.

I wrote a new verse this week—I needed to fill in a gap. Apart from that, this song has not changed in almost 40 years.

Production: Acoustic Bass, Acoustic Guitars, Pedal Steel, and Drums.


Marita, Marita

Marita, Marita

Where are you now?

If you would tell me

I’d get there somehow

Trapped in this city

Give me reason to leave

Marita, Marita

My heart’s on my sleeve


I remember the moment

When you said goodbye

Snow on the ground

Smoke in the sky

Nothing has changed much

It still hasn’t cleared

The nights are so long

So much worse than I feared


I held you for a while

But I couldn’t hold you back

I tried to pursue you

But I only lost track

The postmarks keep changing

They show where you’ve been

Lost and found

And then lost again


Marita, Marita

My hope’s almost gone

With time standing still

I can’t get to the dawn

Wearied and wondering

What more I can do

Marita, Marita

Come out of the blue

Copyright 2016 Fred Grittner All Rights Reserved


Track 39 Marita, Marita

6 thoughts on “Track 39 Marita, Marita

  1. Dear Fred, this is very probably a good song, you already knew how to write good lyrics long before I stopped throwing away my attempts. You know I do not like steel guitar sounds at all, and that made it quite difficult for me to listen. Am always looking forward to the ‘Thursday Song’.


  2. Nice song, Fred. The lyrics do have a flavor of the late 1970s. I rarely disagree with Jan’s assessments, but I like the pedal steel. Kind of reminiscent of Sneaky Pete. Everybody to his own kick, I guess.


  3. Dale Jernberg says:

    I’m not sure that Lightfoot ever did any songs with that type of waltz beat but I still think I’m hearing a bit of his influence in the musical composition. Am I crazy to think that? As usual, your mastery of lyrics come through with flying colors.


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